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Laminate flooring can be used to warm?

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Dec 21, 2016

Laminate flooring in geothermal use, maintenance is also very important:

First, attention during installation detail

Used to warm the laminate flooring installation process must pay attention to moisture-proof, moisture-proof membrane thickness is not less than 2mm, in moisture-proof membrane splice must be sealed with adhesive tape.

Second, the heating process to note gradual

First use of geothermal heating, should pay attention to slow warming. On first use, and heating begins three days before rising: day temperature 18 c, 25 c the next day, 28 c on the third day, fourth day may go up to normal temperature, the water temperature is 42 degrees, the surface temperature of 25 c ~28 c. Not heating up too fast, too fast, the floor cracking distortions may occur due to swelling. In addition, the geothermal heating system is enabled again after a long time, I want to be like the first time you have used, in strict accordance with heating temperature-programmed.

Third, the surface temperature and the water temperature is not too high

To note is that using geothermal heating, surface temperature should not exceed 28 ° c water temperature cannot exceed 42 ° c, if this temperature is exceeded, will affect the life of the floor and use cycle. Winter room temperature at 18 ¡æ ~22 ¡æ, should still be very comfortable!

Four, and closed geothermal system should be gradually cooling

As the season went on, when the weather is warmer, indoor geothermal heating system is no longer needed, attention should be closed geothermal systems to have a process, floor cooling process should be gradual, not collapse, if the cooling rate is too fast, will also affect the life of the floor. Cold winter usually indoor nobody can reduce heating and cooling, but not shut the valve, must be regulated at 0 deg.

Five, used to warm the room not too dry

Dry climate in winter, coupled with the use of geothermal heating, the floor under the condition of high temperature for a long time, easy to dry, when owners need to give us the room humidity, so as not to dry the floor deformation. Humidity control of indoor environment in 40~60%.

Six, the floor surface as possible to maintain good ventilation

The floor surface is radiating surface, try not to fix on the floor placed with no legs or decorative pieces of furniture, should not be built in Taiwan, so as not to affect the hot air flow, leading to poor heating effect. Because of the floor surface temperature is relatively high, room in winter it is best not to use geothermal heating system placed directly in the ground water of glassware and porcelain, so as to avoid uneven heating, thermal expansion and contraction, leading to vessel rupture.

Seven, optionally heated flooring is a floor substrate and wear resistance is important

For the service life of floor and your family's health, the choice to warm the floor is not to choose too low a price floor, be sure to select the laminate flooring that meet national standards.