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Bedside Printed Carpet Size Selection, How Appropriate

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Bedside Printed Carpet size selection, how appropriate
Bedroom printed carpet has been accepted by many people, bedroom Printed Carpet more emphasis on functionality, such as easy to get out of bed, especially in the bed and bedroom furniture, the distance between people generally like barefoot walking, so the bedroom is a small blanket welcome. In addition, to make this bedside printed carpet and the whole room in tune, in color and pattern, the most important thing is the size of the printed carpet selection. This also reflects the Printed Carpet in the coordination of the overall effect of the role of the room.
Choose bedside Printed Carpet size:
Bedside Printed Carpet is generally laid on the bed side or bed, the length of the printed carpet recommended laying to the foot of the bed or feet 2-5cm according to the distance, the width of any. If you choose a small piece of printed carpets, are generally placed in the bed side, this is a small block printed carpet, mainly play a decorative role. Place the effect can refer to the bedside Printed Carpet effect map.
Bedside Printed Carpet size can be free, according to the size of the room and their own want to achieve the appropriate choice of the right size. Now a lot of Printed Carpet can be customized, so long as meet the interior design needs, bedside Printed Carpet size can be arbitrary, no provisions, the general common length is 140 cm.
Why do you want to put the carpet on the bed:
1, decorative role: with the bedroom decoration style, select the pattern, color, material coordination of the printed carpet, enhance the sense of warmth and luxury.
2, easy to live: people get up after the foot on the printed carpet feel comfortable, change clothes, Buzhi Yu clothes off the ground. If you take into account the future clean and convenient, should use chemical fiber.
Summary: small room, some people favor leaving area of about 2 meters 4 area Printed Carpet exposed area belt. For the larger room, some people give the comparison of the printed carpet area exposed, and some people say, placed in the bed sixty centimeters wide can be better to move. Take what looks and feel the best for you.
If the bedroom is closed and the outdoor environment is good, less dust, you can choose to fill the bedroom Printed Carpet, on the one hand can increase the comfort of the bedroom, printed carpet is a high-end interior decoration materials, large area can enhance the home decoration Grade.
If the indoor furnishings are relatively simple, lack of decorative, but do not like the full floor of the bedroom Printed Carpet, then the small decorative carpet is a good choice, placed at the bedside, coordination of indoor space warm atmosphere, and easy to take care. Bedroom Printed Carpet types to choose from a wide variety, in the selection, try to choose some natural materials, bedroom Printed Carpet. Cotton, linen, pure wool, etc., this kind of material bedroom Printed Carpet has good characteristics, foot feeling and comfort is better than chemical fiber Printed Carpet, even in the dry season, it will not produce static electricity. Although the natural material of the printed carpet in the wear-resistant aspects of chemical fiber as a carpet, but the bedroom, after all, is different from the living room, entrance and other very frequent use of the place, so in this regard does not require high.
There are many colors of printed carpets, and each color of the printed carpet gives a different content and feel in the inside. The living room is one of the places commonly used for Printed Carpets, the living room Printed Carpet it is mainly dust, decoration and so on. The living carpet in the living room is not only reflected in the printing of the carpet, but also reflects the style of your room with your taste. Printed Carpet color is very particular about the same time, while Printed Carpet color selection is also very much attention, then the following we will talk about the living room Printed Carpet color matching and Printed Carpet color selection skills.
Living room Printed Carpet color with we not only want to see is the color of the printed carpet, and we also fancy it is the effect of the whole room, with properly, it will make your room a substantial increase in the grade of a lot, On the contrary, in Yi. Living room Printed Carpet color with the color according to the approximate color with a single color, color matching, color matching by several bright degree of brightness similar to the composition of these different colors of these principles.