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Carpet Laying Process

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

Carpet laying process

Laying the way

The carpet has two forms of carpet and carpet, using different laying and laying.

■ active laying: refers to the carpet floating floating on the grassroots level, without the carpet and the base fixed.

■ fixed laying: fixed laying two fixed methods, one is the card-type fixed, the use of barbed wire pulled the carpet;

One is the adhesive method is fixed, the use of adhesive to the carpet paste on the floor.

Carpet floor decoration basic craft

■ Striped fixed way

Base cleaning → carpet cutting → barbed bar → bedding layer → seam → Zhang Ping → fixed carpet → edge → repair carpet surface cleaning.

■ Paste method fixed mode

Grass-roots surface treatment → real pay-off → cutting carpet → scraping gas hanging → laying silver pressure → clean, protection.

Construction points

◆ must be carried out before the pavement, measuring the corners of the corners, accurate record of the angle of the angle. According to the calculation of the size of the fabric in the back of the carpet line, cutting;

◆ barbed plate fixed laying along the wall nail barbed board, barbed board from the skirting board 8 mm;

◆ seam at the application of the tape on the back of the carpet will be two carpets together, we must first seizure of the villi Xiu Qi, and repeatedly rub the joints at the hair, to the surface can not see the traces of the seams;

◆ sticking laying scraping gum after drying 5 to 10 minutes, until the glue becomes dry when the laying;

◆ carpet laying, with a pillow needle tension, Zhang Ping, hanging on the barbed board. With the adhesive, the carpet paved with a felt roll out of the bubble;

◆ excess carpet cut, clean up the fiber;

◆ cutting the carpet should be cut along the carpet warp, only cut off the weft, not cut warp, for the backing of the carpet, should be separated from the front of the villi, find the warp, weft after cutting.


▽ attention to finished product protection, with adhesive paste the carpet, 24 hours without permission to stampede;

▽ carpet pavement on the ground floor of the higher requirements, the ground must be flat, clean, moisture content of not more than 8%, and has installed skirting board, skirting board to the ground clearance should be larger than the carpet thickness of 2 to 3 mm;

▽ accurate measurement of room size and calculate the size of cutting, so as to avoid waste;

▽ After the laying of the carpet must be tightened, Zhang Ping, fixed, to prevent future deformation.