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Floor Mat Has The Following Three Characteristics

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Floor Mat has the following three characteristics

The function of general Floor Mat is to be separated damp and dustproof, also can make ground to seek flat use. There are two kinds of Floor MatS, is a kind of soft material, used as tide and anti-dust isolation, the other is a blow molding foam, its height ranging from 1 to 5 cm, a hard, can do the leveling of the ground. The comfort level of feet after laying is improved. As to Floor Mat is good not to this problem, need to see individual feeling.

Generally speaking, Floor Mat has the following three characteristics:

The first: anti-rot resistant to rot - environmental protection material, non-toxic and harmless, the water does not rot, does not fear the worm.

Second: noise reduction - eliminate ground noise and create quiet space.

Third: the installation is simple, cost saving, can replace the keel or cement leveling layer, laying on the indoor ground MAO directly, for the ground is uneven, can be polished in combination with the ground surface or pressing the flat.

Through these three characteristics to see, Floor Mat is ok? The Floor Mat is still good.

Floor MatS are used to remove sand and mud before entering the house to reduce the footprint and keep the indoor clean. Elastic soft. The feet are comfortable. Safety and anti-slip can prevent slip accidentally.

The Floor Mat of future development will have three main characteristics:

1, more environmentally friendly, more green: global environmental problems have reached to solve, all countries in the world in setting goals to reduce energy consumption, less pollution, so the green material, green energy should be the inevitable developing trend of door mat. In addition, in the process of production, the country will certainly gradually demand the energy consumption, how to reduce the energy consumption during the production process, will become one of the important factors to determine the future destiny of the enterprises.

2. Internationalization of design: the clothing of our country, shoemaking enterprise to open international market, now began to employ foreign designers to design products. The ultimate goal of marketing is what the market needs and what products are produced. Instead of making the product, then selling the product. There are obvious differences in aesthetics between China and the west, which can be popular all over the world, because of overcoming such cultural differences before product production.

3. High added value: now all Chinese enterprises are facing the problem of product upgrading, and low-end price war is impossible to make big. With more investment in technology and other aspects, we will try to create a real, comfortable, dynamic personality and a more emotional home living environment for everyone who loves life.

1, generally we will see when selecting a bathroom Floor Mat the modelling of the Floor Mat very not good-looking, because now the bathroom Floor Mat factory in order to increase sales, to produce various shapes of the Floor Mat, have a heart, a foot shape, such as ordinary rectangular, modelling is very much, this is according to their own aesthetic choice.

2. To see if the bathroom size in your home is appropriate, measure the actual bathroom space size, and select the appropriate model.

3. You can touch the surface material with your hand whether it's anti-skid, or if it feels comfortable to step on it.

4. PVC bathroom Floor Mat is mainly for anti-skid. You need to see whether the anti-skid PVC material can be fixed to the surface of the floor.

5. See if the cushion is bask in the sun, and do not affect the service life.

6, because ordinary bathing will inevitably get hair or dirt to mat, which requires often clean, buy the Floor Mat must use convenient cleaning materials, so hold up time.

The selection of PVC bathroom Floor Mat should be understood, our factory as the bathroom Floor Mat manufacturer, the production of good quality, anti-skid performance high, welcome to buy.