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Full Of Mat The Most Fashionable Home Improvement Materials

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

Full of Mat the most fashionable home improvement materials
Mat, in the domestic home decoration, often only applied to the local ground decoration, floor tiles and flooring is the vast majority of Chinese family floor decoration of the main material. From the brand effect point of view, we can casually say dozens of tiles or flooring well-known brands, but full of Mat brand, but one can not tell. However, when someone firmly believes that full of Mat will set off China's third ground pavement revolution, become the next new mainstream of the ground decoration, we may see not only the rise of a brand, but also a way of life Change.
Full of Mat from the hotel into the home
Europe and the United States people like to pave the way, they believe that home full of Mat to reflect the warmth and comfort of the family, enhance the quality of life. They also like to go into the house under the soles of the soft feeling, the insulation properties of the Mat also let the home more pleasant temperature. Today, many of the public space of the ground is also deliberately used full of Mat, in order to give guests this home like the feeling of relaxation. From the comfort and decorative speaking, the advantages of the Mat is definitely greater than any other material, we have reason to believe that the future, full of Mat from the hotel into the home.
Full of Mat to persuade their own advantages
Most of the Chinese housewives will frown: how difficult to clean out the hair every day! Coffee or milk accidentally sprinkle up how to do? Daily ground care will be more difficult ... ... In fact, all kinds of complaints are from the Mat Hard to clean up the "bad impression." Any material after long-term use are inevitably to depreciation, and some even because of temporary loss of difficult to make up for the defects, tiles, flooring so, the Mat is also the case. So we do not so demanding on the Mat - coffee sprinkle up, you can immediately wash, it can not wash no way. Would you like to clean up every day, but the Mat has the advantage that the dust is not floating on the surface, but hiding in the fiber, which undoubtedly gives you lazy Chance, even if the day does not care, it will not like the floor or floor tile surface as a layer of floating ash. The mat is difficult to clean the pimple after the release, we found that the home with a full Mat, the place seems like a lot of big, family activities are more comfortable, and Mat insulation performance, so that the home feel warm winter, summer air conditioning can save Consumption.
Full of Mat led the second tide of decoration
According to statistics, last year the total domestic pavement market reached 40 billion yuan, China Mat market is 20% annual rate of increase. Today, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities in the new renovation room and the second renovation room, Mat penetration rate as high as 35%, new Mat users each year nearly 800,000. Especially in recent years, part of the house before 2000 facing the second renovation, the choice of consumers began to gradually change. Tiles, flooring dismantling procedures and the recovery of the various problems facing people, so that people tend to pavement convenient, economical and convenient Mat as the second home improvement of the first choice for the floor. Plus now "light decoration heavy decoration" decoration concept, but also make people more willing to choose fashion and personality full of Mat for decoration.
With the Mat market share gradually increased, Mat sound absorption, insulation, moisture, anti-static, comfortable footsteps and a series of advantages and exquisite designs, low prices, simple pavement, easy to replace, suitable for large-scale laying characteristics for the more The more people to know and trust. Mat in the Chinese household market annual consumption reached 80.4 million square meters. The industry believes that the Chinese Mat market will usher in the golden period of development, and will accelerate into the people of the family. Can be expected, full of Mat will be the future of the new mainstream pavement.