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How About The Acrylic Carpet, What Are The Shortcomings?

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

How about the acrylic Carpet, what are the shortcomings?
The Carpet is more and more recognized and used by everyone, a strong affordable type and aesthetics become more and more people preferred, then for the acrylic material of the Carpet, we know how much? Xiaobian today to give you about how the kind of acrylic Carpet.
How about the acrylic Carpet?
Acrylic Carpet is loved by most people there is an important point is that the durability of acrylic Carpet and easy to clean.
Acrylic Carpet good elasticity, anti-fouling, mildew, moth, easy hair removal, easy to clean, easy to dry, not wrinkled, easy to fade. Acrylic Carpet surface is generally used in the long fiber, the hair is not easy to fall off, from the ball, not affected by humidity, not mildew, no bite. Acrylic Carpet fiber light, full, strong, good insulation properties. At the same time acrylic Carpet price is moderate, light weight, good flame retardant. Acrylic Carpet price is much cheaper than wool Carpets, synthetic fiber than wool light, moisturizing performance, feel similar to wool, after flame retardant treatment is not easy to burn.
Acrylic Carpet defects are: its resilience, insulation, light resistance, dyeing are worse than wool Carpets; man-made fiber flammable, easy to produce static electricity and adsorption dust. Acrylic Carpet defects in fact the application of modern science and technology can be improved. Acrylic Carpets are now on the market mostly after the fire, anti-static treatment. In the choice of time as long as the inspection of acrylic Carpet.
Conclusion: So consumers should choose to use acrylic Carpet should use the characteristics and the characteristics of acrylic Carpet, whether after a fire, anti-static treatment, select the most suitable Carpet.
The office is a place of work, in order to create a more elegant and comfortable office environment for the staff, and for aesthetic reasons, the general company will be installed in the office full of Carpet. So here we have to take into account a problem, the office shop what Carpet is good?
Office Carpet is generally a chemical fiber Carpet, and most of the polypropylene Carpet, this Carpet wear resistance, and polypropylene Carpet is easier to clean up. Polypropylene Carpet can be said to be the first choice for office Carpet, Carpet is the best cleaning varieties. Enterprise Carpet demand texture close, the villi should not be too high, easy to move the chair. Need to wear, anti-static, anti-fouling function, color work on the Carpet focused on dignified, elegant colors, to select art Carpet, fashionable fashionable The
Engineering Carpet at least to meet a few basic needs: the first thing to take into account the environmental protection of the office decoration, many decoration materials will be radiation, will release formaldehyde from the harmful gases. So the first division of the Secretary should be environmentally friendly. Work area staff, not to mention not suitable for environmental protection to bring too much noise and so on. So the best work area with a square Carpet can be based on different needs, the information is not the same, take care of easy, dirty at any time to replace the small area on the line, do not have to move the public. Select the round cashmere or cashmere box of Carpet for the unit decoration, environmental protection, durability, anti-fouling function, fashionable generous, offer moderate.
Bedside Carpet is generally laid on the bed side or bedside, the length of the Carpet recommended laying to the foot of the bed or feet 2-5cm according to the distance, the width of any. If you choose a small piece of Carpet, are generally placed in the bed side, this is a small block Carpet, mainly play a decorative role. Place the effect can refer to the bedside Carpet effect map.