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How To Buy Handmade Persian Printed Carpet

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

Travel to Dubai, you must buy the local more famous specialty crafts, that is handmade Persian Printed Carpet. How to choose handmade Persian Printed Carpet handmade Persian carpet prices depends on the proportion of the proportion of silk, the more pure the higher the price, of course, the origin of the material is also critical, such as the use of New Zealand wool is generally high-grade Printed Carpet. In the traditional Persian Printed Carpet inside, the general use of wool are 8-14 months lambs of high quality wool, this kind of wool feel delicate, smooth, supple. So how should we pick it?
Selection of Persian Printed Carpet technology has four aspects:
1, folding: the Printed Carpet of the suede facing outward, so you can see the hand-Printed Carpet at the end of each thread has a summary. Handmade Persian Printed Carpet is not completely symmetrical, and 2-7 cm will have a slight irregular appearance, this can be assured to buy.
2, look at the texture: look at the back of the handmade Persian Printed Carpet, it is clear that the back is very clear texture, while the woven Printed Carpet is no obvious weave texture. The edge of the handmade carpet is the natural elongation of the weaving end, and the edge of the woven Printed Carpet is sutured with the machine.
3, hand touch: hand to touch the carpet carpet down, along the touch will be very smooth and comfortable, against the will have a blocked feeling. And smooth and reverse the reflective effect is different, the surface looks like the color will be relatively shallow, reverse the color up the color than the surface to be deep. Handmade Persian prints the carpet downside must be consistent, the angle is generally at an angle of 45 degrees. When the furniture on the hand over Persian Printed Carpet above, the suede will not directly overwhelm, will not damage the Printed Carpet. Woven velvet suede are 90 degrees, the furniture put up, the suede is directly overwhelmed, the Printed Carpet is caused by direct damage.
4, the price: hand Persian Printed Carpet price is mainly to see the proportion of silk, the higher the proportion, the higher the price. Of course, the origin of the material is also a very critical decisive, such as New Zealand wool made out of the Printed Carpet is the best. Because the traditional Persian Printed Carpet used material is 8-14 months of the lamb body to take. This kind of wool Printed Carpet material feel delicate, smooth and soft.
Tip: buy handmade Persian Printed Carpet friends to pay attention to the attention must be printed on the carpet material, because the Persian hand Printed Carpet material is stupid wool.
Nylon Printed Carpet material fiber is an aliphatic amide fiber, its high strength, excellent elasticity, close to the wool, bright eyes, is stretched, resistant to twists and turns, wear resistance is very good. Its pattern, color similar to pure wool, which nylon fabric Printed Carpet price is higher than other chemical fiber Printed Carpet. Nylon Printed Carpet is more suitable for places where people flow. Such as in the corridor, stairs, living room and other areas moving frequently.
Nylon Printed Carpet with high toughness and high wear resistance and durability of small resistance to mildew, poor hygiene, between wool and acrylic, poor resistance to electricity; good stability of the chemical, but can be oxidized agent damage, the general Of the organic solvent is relatively stable, dry cleaning will not be seriously damaged, better than the wool alkali resistance, dilute acid does not damage the fiber, single case of concentrated acid will dissolve; dyeing difficult but not easy to bleaching. So buy nylon Printed Carpet actually pay attention to the point is not a lot. As long as you like the pattern you can go to buy.
Look at the back of the color of the carpet printed on the carpet, this to talk about a processing technology, and good leather Printed Carpet, the back is light blue and white. Smell is also small. If it is dark blue, which in the processing time, the process is problematic, there is the choice of raw materials in the poor material, the other to see the inside of the gloss, the overall feel a bit like sheep suede Feeling, very comfortable, the middle part will not fluff, but there will be a little bit in the edge of the hair, this is a normal phenomenon, the other if the whole look is a little feel the feeling of plush.