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How To Identify High Quality Pure Wool Printed Carpet

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

How to identify high quality pure wool Printed Carpet
Raw materials: high-quality pure wool Printed Carpet raw materials are generally made of fine wool handmade, its long hair and uniform, flexible, no hard roots; low-quality Printed Carpet raw materials are often mixed with mildew modified bad hair and polypropylene fiber, etc. Hair short and root uneven weight, hand touch when there is no flexibility, there are hard roots.
Appearance: high-quality pure wool Printed Carpet pattern clear and beautiful, suede full of shiny, color uniform, pattern layering, carpet surface down consistent; and poor quality printing carpet color is bleak, blurred patterns, plush sparse, easy to pilling dirty.
Foot feeling: high-quality pure wool Printed Carpet feel comfortable, non-stick non-slip, good resilience, after the step will soon be able to restore the status quo; poor print the strength of the carpet is often very small, very slow after the recovery, And often accompanied by hard objects feel.
Technology: high-quality pure wool printing carpet exquisite workmanship, printing carpet surface to flat, rules of the rules; poor quality printing carpet is rough work, its weight is also due to small density and significantly lower than the quality products.
In the more stressful family, the laying of Printed Carpets has become a fashionable decoration. In people's minds, printing carpet is often to beautify the room, thus ignoring the printing carpet in people's daily life in the role of health care.
First, the Printed Carpet can regulate nerves and relieve fatigue. As we all know, printing the carpet on the whole indoor color plays a key role, and the color and people's emotions are closely related. Such as a red or gold-colored Printed Carpet shop indoors, can make the whole room look magnificent, giving a comfortable relaxed and rich sense of color; and camel or beige printing carpet can make the room look elegant, quiet, Harmony and a sense of beauty; this regulation of people's nerves, lifting the day of work fatigue, have a better effect and effect.
Second, the Printed Carpet and sound insulation. In the high-rise buildings in the soil printing carpet, you can reduce the upstairs, downstairs noise interference, clean indoor environment.
Again, now the general residential are cement floor, covered with Printed Carpet, you can play a moisture, cold, heat the role. Especially those with elderly, infants and colds, patients with rheumatoid disease. Covered with Printed Carpet, can play an ideal protective effect.
In addition, the wool Printed Carpet flexibility is good, the old age of the elderly have the role of shock and health care, but also to avoid or reduce the damage caused by accidental fall.
Of course, the family laying Printed Carpet must pay attention to hygiene. Conditional families can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, cleaned once every few days, can also be used to shoot dust. Printed Carpet in the long-term shop can be sent back to the production unit back to wash, wash back after the printing of the old carpet as new. Such as temporarily do not, can be rolled up in the dry ventilated place, wool Printed Carpet to put a large number of health ball, to prevent insects, and extend the service life.
Add 4 cups of vinegar to 4 liters of warm water, wipe with a towel and wipe dry. Vinegar can not only prevent the printing carpet color or fade, but also to eliminate the smell of pets (soda water also has the effect of deodorant). After wiping, and then put it in a ventilated place can be dry. Printed Carpet dust removal method to clean the Printed Carpet, you can first sprinkle salt, with the effect of suppressing dust flying. Because the salt can absorb dust, even if the small dust, but also clean up the clean. At the same time, but also to make printing carpet becomes more durable, often keep color bright.
If you accidentally sprinkle the coffee on the Printed Carpet, you can first use dry cloth or tissue paper to absorb moisture, and then mix the same amount of white wine and alcohol sprinkled on the stains, wipe with a dry cloth to clear. If you do not have white wine, with vinegar also has the same effect. In view of this, if the home to drink the remaining white wine, can be good use, maintenance of home cleaning. In addition to coffee, including tea and other easy to contaminate the color of food stains, can also be used in the same way to clear.