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How To Maintain The Bath Mat

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

How to maintain the Bath Mat

The bathroom antiskid floor mat is already very common in the family, its kind is also very much, different kinds apply to different place, a family has at least one floor mat! But if it's not good to maintain it, it's easy to get dirty, bad and even some weird smells, so how do you maintain it? Ojie plastic help you to brief introduction: first a bit of weather good time to want to take out sunning sterilization, long-term placement in the room, if meeting damp air, very easy to mold.

Second, dry them immediately after washing them to keep them dry. If you are not careful with oil seal, paint or soup, you should clean it immediately to ensure cleanliness and prevent odor. The floor mat is the same as daily care, shaking off the dust. Using high pressure hose, it is best to 40 ℃ below the water flushing, can use some neutral cleaner appropriately, do not use alkaline cleaning, acid because it can accelerate the mat of aging. When cleaning, must ensure that the residue of the detergent has been cleaned thoroughly, and after cleaning, the drying can be dried and sterilized.

Now, in our lives, all kinds of goods sold are for the greater convenience of making people's lives more convenient and safe. The shower is one of the most important things in our life, but after the shower, I believe that everyone will feel the soles of the feet and feel unsteady. Some people are careless when they are not careful, and easily fall. This is inevitable, because after the shower, there is water on the sole, so the friction between the sole and the floor will decrease. Then people are not likely to stand firmly on the ground. However, once the home is covered with Bath Mat, can produce different effect.

In the bathroom in the home, is spread a very ordinary Bath Mat. But it does not have the effect of having other things replaced. This way, when people come out of the bathroom, they don't have to worry about the risk of falling. Because the Bath Mat will allow you to stand firmly on the ground, there won't be any slippery feeling. Not only have very good friction effect, but also extremely wear-resisting, the use of years. When people use it, they really find out what a value it is. The practicality of the Bath Mat is far greater than the price of its purchase.

It is just a simple Bath Mat, but it is one of the things in our life that cannot be lacked. And not only can it be used in the home bathroom, other places, such as the kitchen, and the balcony can be used. It also has various styles to wait for your selection.

In our life, for the bathroom Bath Mat is accustomed to use, but how to choose a good Bath Mat to ensure that we use comfortable rest assured, because we use environment is wet, so we must often clean him, when used to ensure that health, understand the characteristics of the Bath Mat, facilitate we find the most suitable for their own Bath Mat, such as pure cotton Bath Mat absorbent good convenient cleaning, can be used with non-slip MATS, Bath Mat water absorption properties of superfine fibre is wear cotton 1.5 2 times, maintenance is convenient, and it is not easy dirty, a variety of Bath Mat, different function, when the choose and buy should according to their own needs to choose a most suitable for their own, to ensure the safety of their use convenient, ensures that we always have a good mood.

The bathroom Bath Mat can choose PVC anti - slip material, anti-skid performance is excellent, also can choose the material such as rubber, beautiful and durable, the service life is long, anti-slip performance is also better. We take a shower in the bathroom after the ground will be very smooth, so when choosing the bathroom Bath Mat used hand touch the front of the Bath Mat, bathroom Bath Mat is made of high quality positive fluff stuff with good, give a person the sense with soft soft, because the back bathroom Bath Mat we mainly use non-slip, so on the back of the choice is more critical,