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Office Carpet Cleaning

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Dec 21, 2016

Three public rooms carpet cleaning important: daily local cleaning, maintenance, storage attention

Carpet cleaning has become a trend in home floor decorations, many people have concerns about the cleaning and maintenance of it. In fact, there is no need to worry about, as long as attention to routine maintenance and cleaning and storing it.

Daily maintenance

For the dust of daily life, daily use vacuum cleaner or soft brush along along the hair clean.

Avoid direct sunlight, illuminated, color fading fast, color difference, particularly affecting the overall effect of the room. Especially in summer and autumn sun, shade attention to close the curtains or other objects.

Note do not use washing powders, cleaning agents and chemicals spilled on the carpet, things like washing can lead to fading.

Local clean

For local carpet stains and grease, use soft cotton a little professional carpet-cleaning and degreasing agents to clean and then with a clean wet cloth lightly a few times, and finally with a dry cloth along the smooth hair soaked in the direction of the carpet surface clean and dry.

Periodic cleaning

To ensure that the life of the carpet, clean on a regular basis (including cleansing, moisture-proof, pest management) is essential, usually twice a year is the best. Due to the widely-used dry cleaning agent composition, easy to corrosion on the color, so does not apply to large areas or the entire carpet cleaning. So should preferably be sent to professional carpet manufacturers cleaning.

Deposit note

When your carpet when you need temporary storage can carpet a little repellent, and to roll up the carpet, when purchasing a specially sealed bags and placed in a dry and airy place. Do not open storage.