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Printed Carpet Maintenance Tips, No Longer Worry About Cleaning The Printed Carpet

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Printed Carpet maintenance tips, no longer worry about cleaning the Printed Carpet
Many families have purchased Printed Carpets, Printed Carpet beautiful and practical, but the cleaning work is very troublesome, poor cleaning will affect the life of Printed Carpets, but also make the Printed Carpet looks old ugly.
Printed Carpets are required to be cleaned once daily with a vacuum cleaner so that the Printed Carpet can be kept clean. So how to clean the Printed Carpet?
1. Daily use of brushing method. Scrolling the brush not only combs the Printed Carpet, but also brush the dust and sticky dust. So the cleaning effect is better than the simple vacuum.
2. Remove stains in a timely manner. New stains are the easiest to remove and must be removed in time. If the stain is dry or penetrate into the deep carpet, the Printed Carpet will have long-term damage.
3. Periodic cleaning on a regular basis. Pedestrians frequently Printed Carpet, need to be equipped with foam machine, with a dry foam cleaning method to carry out medium-term cleaning to remove viscous dust.
Deep cleaning. Once the dust is deposited in the depths of the Printed Carpet, you have to send the cleaning.
If there are stains on the Printed Carpet, such as coffee, cola or fruit juice, use a dry cloth to suck the liquid, gently wipe with a damp cloth. If the stain is still there, spray the stain with a Printed Carpet spray, and then let it into a powder, according to ordinary vacuum, like to suck it. In addition, the annual use of steam cleaning machine will be Printed Carpet cleaning time, it will be side of the side of the hot steam when the stain will be sucked.
There are several major categories of dirt on the Printed Carpet, one for dust and other particulate matter, and the other for dirt and grease and other chemicals. The former can be used for regular vacuum cleaning or cleaning can be resolved, the latter need to use chemical solvents, and the need for professional guidance, if the method is not appropriate, anti-stains spread, be careful.
Printed Carpet should pay attention to the use of the problem:
1, the new cashmere printing carpet use the initial will be a slight hair appear, is a normal phenomenon.
2, Printed Carpet surface to guard the weapon scratch and cigarette burns.
3, Printed Carpet factory mostly moth-proof treatment, no need to place insect repellent on the Printed Carpet and the human body harm.
4, printed on the carpet scattered stains, should be promptly cleaned, a long time will be difficult to remove.
5, Printed Carpet covered with a period of time, there will be a large number of bacteria and a variety of called acaridae biological breeding on it, directly harm the human health, it should be two to three months to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection
5, in order not to dust into the printing carpet area, should be set at the entrance to dust blanket pad.
Printing carpet cleaning:
According to the degree of pollution can be local cleaning and comprehensive cleaning.
Local cleaning: mainly for easy contaminated areas or small pieces of stains, the following methods
1, the detergent or water sprayed on the Printed Carpet, scrub with a towel, and finally dry the excess moisture.
2, will be equipped with a good lotion spray to the carpet, with a nozzle and vacuum cleaning machine for vacuum cleaning.
Full cleaning: In order to keep the appearance of clean and blanket, you should regularly hire a clean company to clean the Printed Carpet thoroughly to ensure that the Printed Carpet is new.
In addition, the Printed Carpet and chemical contact, may produce chemical stains or discoloration, so to avoid the printing of carpet dyeing commonly used chemicals, such as strong detergents and skin care products, in addition, the Printed Carpet can not be long-term by the sun directly Irradiation, otherwise there will be faded situation.