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Rubber Door Mat Application Home Decoration Advantage

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

Rubber Door Mat application home decoration advantage
The rubber Door Mat is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components made of polymer materials. Styrene butadiene, high benzene, butadiene rubber for the synthetic rubber, is attached to the oil products. Natural rubber refers to the artificially cultivated rubber tree to take down the rubber. Rubber Door Mat is environmentally friendly Door Mat, because everything is non-toxic harmless environmental protection and polymer environmental protection materials. Here to say the characteristics of natural rubber Door Mats:
1. Fashionable atmosphere, Jin Yu full of flat carved Door Mats for your home to add unlimited youthful vitality;
2. thick outdoor rubber Door Mat can be placed on your balcony, nice, durable, sun and rain can be shelf life of 10 years Oh;
3. Dusting rubber door pad is used in your home if the door if the hanging river, high-quality rubber and the ring-ting composite phase separated carved Door Mat, the appearance is compound ring velvet face, the use of advanced embossing process, so that the appearance of the mat It has the effect of flat pattern, not only beautiful, but also durable, to enhance the effect of dust, can effectively dust, water, shoes, waterproof, anti-skid, to avoid outdoor dust into the home, the bottom of the use of high-quality rubber, durable, Cleaning is also very convenient, washed with water, hung up and drip like;
4. interlocking kitchen vinyl door pad placed in your kitchen, will make your kitchen clean work becomes more simple and easy Oh!
5. Anti-skid rubber Door Mat in the bathroom can make you more safe.
Many families will be covered in front of a Door Mat, and the appropriate mat is also an important factor affecting the house. Because different colors have different characteristics, if the door orientation and the mattress color cooperation will be appropriate for the home days to add lucky.
Everyone's house is also part of the environment. The shape and decoration of the interior of the scene can affect everyone's work and life. In essence, feng shui is the pursuit of reconciliation between man and the environment of a way, it is through some agreed rules and taboo to reach the home environment transformation and impact. Door Mat ith regard to the various functional areas that make up the home structure, it is necessary to carefully consider how to carry out reasonable equipment and planning. Feng Shui for us to put forward some of the resettlement methods and methods, including the housing orientation, format placement, import and access, ventilation, lighting heating, kitchen and toilet arrangements.
Although, for home planning, feng shui is not the most important factor, Door Mat but we can also rely on feng shui talent and reason to help improve and we are closely related to the home environment. The entrance of a building. The door is the face of the house. A door clean and solemn home, from the needle will be respected by the outside world. Door, is the home and the social segment, but also the face of the family. A family out of the door to go through the door, it is a home the most important import and export. On the tenants, the door is the identity of the performance, now luxury is also the reason for this.
Now is not only home life, Door Mat even today's business office buildings and hotel hotels, almost every place has a rubber mat. Indoor and outdoor have. For example, the entrance door: the entrance from the door into the living room of the buffer area, is the necessary access to the building, so our life can not do without it.
Rubber is a manufacturer of rubber mats can be customized, you can let customers in accordance with their own meaning to design with their own ground laying material color style and building the overall coordination of the Door Mat. The mattress has a variety of colors, and the pattern of camouflage has been designed to achieve visually stained functions. Avoid buying monochrome Door Mats, preventing contaminants on the Door Mats from highlighting the overall beauty of the building.