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Selection And Importance Of Tone Color Of Tufted Printed Carpet

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Selection and Importance of Tone Color of Tufted Printed Carpet
Tufted printing carpet color, the choice of patterns from the aesthetic point of view than the choice of tufted carpet type is more important. Tufted Printed Carpet as a floor decoration materials in the hotel engineering and renovation works and other such as the bathroom, furniture and other materials than the low cost, but the role is far more important than any one decoration.
Color is the reflection of light to reach the human eye and the feeling that the external material on the eyes of the retina. So the tufted print carpet color depends on the specific reflected light. Due to the difference in light, the choice of tufted carpet color should be carried out under the same light in the area where the tufted carpet is printed.
Choose the right tufted print carpet color can change the mood and atmosphere, to any place to bring vitality, tufted Printed Carpet color can be used to weaken, emphasize or harmonious decoration style.
Contains a yellow, red series of tufted Printed Carpet can produce a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, so that the cold house warming, but also make the big room smaller. The same cool blue, green and purple colors have the opposite effect, it will produce a quiet atmosphere, can make the room bigger.
The same color, the pattern will change or coordinate an environment, so in the choice of patterns in addition to the color and should be combined, the main consideration decoration style, decorative hue. From the intuitive image, the greater the use of tufted carpet carpet, the larger the pattern should be in the public part of the project should be multi-color jacquard-based, and the room is color coordination of small flowers is appropriate. In order to better protect the extended tufted carpet life, cover the tufted Printed Carpet in the use of cigarette butts and sporadic contamination, the room printing carpet is best to use small jacquard tufted carpet products.
Pure wool printing carpet in the process of processing production, printing carpet components in the pure part of the production process through the yarn processing links, after the production site carbonization degreasing treatment, in the breeding of insects can play a certain microbial aspects To prevent the effect, played a mildew moth performance, but this is not one hundred percent can be completely resisted, we can start from the following methods, try to reduce the possibility of breeding.
Pure wool Printed Carpet anti-mildew method is as follows:
① try to maintain the cleanliness of pure wool carpet, after a year of use, to wear the carpet to the outdoor knock to dust, to sun drying, remember not in the sun exposure, can not be direct in the sun, or very easy There will be pure wool Printed Carpet fade, wait until the re-laying of pure wool Printed Carpet, you should first lay the place to clean, clean, can be re-paved.
② when the pure wool Printed Carpet laid two or three years later, you need to use chemicals to clean wool carpet once.
③ may be used in the pure wool carpet after a period of time, that went to the printing carpet cleaning shop for cleaning, they have a professional person will help you clean the pure wool carpet clean, there will be no deformation, fade, etc. The situation takes place.
④ most of the family floor will be paved wooden floor, if you want to lay on the wooden floor, pure wool Printed Carpet, then it is best to first wax on the wood floor, wait until two or three days later, and then lay on the floor waterproof moisture mat , And then put the pure wool Printed Carpet laying up.
⑤ If you encounter pure wool Printed Carpet do not want to use, and want to store it, then, when storing pure wool Printed Carpet, to place some printing carpet insect repellent, remember the best not to insecticide with pure wool Printed Carpet itself Contact with, or is prone to corrosion of the phenomenon, and then is the pure wool Printed Carpet tied, placed in the ventilation.