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The Door Mat Is A Famous Traditional Handicrafts In China

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

The Door Mat is a famous traditional handicrafts in China
The Door Mat is a famous traditional handicrafts in China. China's mattress, has two thousand years of history, known for handmade mattress, there are written records can be traced back to 3000 years ago, the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi in the "red carpet" poem "I do not know cold people to warm , Less wins people clothes for lichens, "the famous, there are physical examination, there are more than 2,000 years. According to the literature, in the Tang and Song dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, more and more varieties of mattress. The system of the mat, often with cotton, wool, linen and paper rope as raw materials compiled from. China produced by the braided mattress, the use of high strength veil rope for warp and weft yarn, and in the warp yarn according to the pattern into the color of the coarse weft yarns constitute plush, and then through the shearing, brushing and other processes and weaving The Its front side of the plush, texture solid, flexible and good. Especially in Xinjiang Hetian production of the mattress is more expensive, "Oriental Door Mat" in the world. Where the production of the mat is not only good quality, production is also large. People's Assembly Hall Xinjiang Hall weaving a 1250 kg of the mat, was praised as "the king of the door."
1966, Lanxi, Zhejiang Province, unearthed a blanket, it is 2.51 meters long, the width of 1.18 meters, for the plain weave, both sides of the pile, and the formation of thick. After identification, the material used is cotton fiber. This cotton pad is woven into the Southern Song Dynasty. This is one of the earliest cotton blankets so far. It can be seen that the weaving process has reached a very high level. At present, Xinjiang has gradually promoted the mattress hot new technology, so that the quality of the door pad has improved. They developed five hundred and forty and seven hundred and twenty more mattresses, craftsmanship, with high artistic value. It began in the Northwest Plateau pastoral areas, the local ethnic minorities in order to meet the needs of nomadic life, the use of local rich wool twist yarn, weaving colorful kneeling pads, tapestries and mats. As a result of the common creation of the people of Victoria, Mongolia and Tibet, and through the Silk Road and the Middle East countries to exchange, gradually formed a remarkable ancient Chinese mattress art.
Door Mats can also be classified according to the style of supply:

1) The whole volume of the door supply of the mattress chemical fiber mats, plastic Door Mats and Door Mats non-woven pure wool mats often take the whole volume into the volume supply. Laying this door pad can make the room a sense of spaciousness, the overall sense, but the damage is not easy to replace, not economical.

2) Block Door Mats and other different mats of pure wool sales of the door can be a block of supply. Pure wool door pad can also be complete sets of supply, each set by the block shape, different specifications of the Door Mats. Fancy square Door Mats are made of different pieces of wool mats that are different in size, and they can be made in different patterns. Block Door Mat laying convenient and flexible, the location can be changed at any time silk mats, this aspect to the interior design to provide greater selectivity, but also to meet the mattress factory different owner's fun, and wear parts of the door Can be exchanged at any time, thus extending the life of the Door Mat, to achieve both economic and beautiful door pad purpose. In the room cleverly laying a small piece of mattress, often can play the finishing touch effect. Small pieces of the door pad can get rid of large pieces of mattress sales gray monotonous sense of the ground, but also make the different functional areas of the room door pad division. Door blanket, bed blanket, carpet, etc. are the success of the application of block mattress.