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The Importance And Choice Of Carpet Tone

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

The Importance and Choice of Carpet Tone
    Carpet color, pattern selection from the aesthetic point of view than the choice of Carpet category is more important. Carpet as a floor decoration materials in the hotel engineering and renovation works and other such as the bathroom, furniture and other materials than the low cost, but the role is far more important than any one decoration.
Color is the reflection of light to reach the human eye and the feeling that the external material on the eyes of the retina. So the Carpet color depends on the specific reflected light. Due to the difference in light, the choice of Carpet color should be carried out under the same light in the Carpet area.
Color can change the mood and atmosphere, to any place to bring vitality, the color of the Carpet can be used to weaken, emphasize or harmonious decoration style.
Contains a yellow, red series of Carpets can produce a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, so that cold room warming, but also make the big room smaller. The same cool blue, green and purple colors have the opposite effect, it will produce a quiet atmosphere, can make the room bigger.
The same color, the pattern will change or coordinate an environment, so in the choice of patterns in addition to the color and should be combined, the main consideration decoration style, decorative hue. From the intuitive image, the greater the use of space Carpet, the larger the pattern should be in the public part of the project should be multi-color jacquard-based, while the room is coordinated with the color of the flower is appropriate. In order to better protect the Carpet to extend the service life, cover the Carpet in the use of cigarette butts and sporadic contamination, the room Carpet is best to use small jacquard products.
Each year the world's Carpet sales accounted for more than 50% of the entire floor, China's annual production of more than 100 million square meters of mechanism Carpet. At present, although the Chinese people's living standards have greatly improved, but the Chinese family is rarely laid Carpet. There are many reasons, but mainly "the Carpet is easy to breed mites, affecting health," the erroneous mislead the consumer, we hope to use scientific data and historical facts also consumers a real, but also a fair market.
One, the Carpet is harmful to health?
A "Carpet Composition and Assessment of Emissions Safety Assessment" conducted by Environ Corporation in Arlington, Virginia, USA Conclusion: Chemical analysis of harmful substances in Carpets has shown that the chemical composition contained in the Carpet does not affect the body health.
Second, the Carpet will produce green mold and white mold it?
Green mold and white mold only grow in extremely humid, dirty environment. Poor cleaning, maintenance habits will make the Carpet moldy, mold in any object surface will be breeding, and even the windows of the glass will appear. So the breeding of green mold and white mold is extremely damp environment caused by, and the Carpet does not matter.
Third, the Carpet lead to allergies?
US environmental protection agency research shows that the Carpet can effectively reduce the flow of particles in the air. The Carpet is like a filter that adsorbs airborne dust and allergens (dust, pollen, mold spores, mites, etc.) that make indoor dust and mite feces difficult to diffuse in the air and minimize allergens in the air. And then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the Carpet, the Carpet can be dust, including mite excrement (known as the source of allergic sources), including allergens, remove the clean. So the use of Carpets as long as clean up properly, not only will not cause allergies, but beneficial to purify the air.
Fourth, the use of latex in the Carpet production can cause allergic reactions?
Some people are caused by the protease in the natural latex of latex allergy. Carpet production is mainly the use of non-toxic harmless raw materials, full of Carpet backing is the use of synthetic latex. So the synthetic latex used in the production of the Carpet has nothing to do with the natural latex that causes the allergic reaction.
Fifth, how to lay out high-grade asthma patients?
German experts suggest that allergies and asthma patients should try to avoid the use of adhesive installation method when installing the Carpet, because sometimes the binder will contain formaldehyde.