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The Laying Mistake Cannot Ignore The Printed Carpet Laid To Want Reasonable!

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

The laying mistake cannot ignore the Printed Carpet laid to want reasonable!
Printed Carpet for us to build a comfortable home environment, but in the choose and buy of Printed Carpet maintenance often goes some error, error cannot ignore Printed Carpet laid laid to be rational, just by Printed Carpet below small make up to introduce some misconceptions about the Printed Carpet laid there, and we often make some mistakes.
Print carpet laying mistake 1: all space Printed Carpet is full. x
Generally think that Printed Carpet should be spread, so that it is more comfortable to use, and better for household adds elegant temperament, it's not like that, where we use should be root and select suitable size Printed Carpet , can't think full paved solve everything.
Print carpet small make up for the recruitment:
Generally speaking under the sofa not larger than 2.7 m, the proposed 1.7 mX2.4 m Printed Carpet is recommended. If it is bigger furniture, a 2 mx3m Printed Carpet is more than enough. The size of the tea table should also be taken into consideration to ensure a standard ratio of Printed Carpet s, sofas and tea sets. The Printed Carpet in the dining room can accommodate the chairs of the table.
Printed Carpet laying mistake 2: any Printed Carpet can be spread on ground warm. x
People in order to comfort, they like to put a layer of Printed Carpet on floor heating, but never consider that not all Printed Carpet is suitable for laying on the floor heating, some Printed Carpet on the floor heating will attract the moisture in the space to make the space is basically no humidity, it is bad for people's health, will also hinder the heat transfer of floor heating.
Print carpet small make up for the recruitment:
In the floor of the floor of the floor of the floor of the floor, the laying of the carpet as far as possible should not be large, the area is better not more than 2 square meters. The thickness of Printed Carpet will make the heat of the ground not come, cover inside, to the floor is not good, so not also can spread the Printed Carpet too thick.
Printed Carpet laid myth 3: the tea table must be Printed Carpet . x
The tea table is covered with a thick carpet of Printed Carpet , which is fashionable and beautiful, and the feet are also very comfortable, so people feel that the tea table must be covered with a Printed Carpet . However, the Printed Carpet needs regular cleaning and maintenance. A lot of people are used to eating at the tea table. Once the biscuit residue and juice are on the top, it will disappear into the fiber, and the clean and dirty Printed Carpet will be reduced.
Print carpet small make up for the recruitment:
Tea table Printed Carpet can choose antimicrobial resistance Printed Carpet dirty wool, nylon Printed Carpet or printed polyester carpet, avoid hairy difficult to erase Printed Carpet , always keep the Printed Carpet cleaning, try not to let the food particles falling on them.
The office Printed Carpet is also known as block Printed Carpet and Printed Carpet tiles, which are made of elastic and material backing and cut into squares. The shape of the block Printed Carpet is accurate, stable, and the combination can be used to print the carpet of different colors, and assemble the ideal overall appearance effect. Block Printed Carpet can be used as "small and large", in the great hall, restaurant and other large gathering places, the combination of the overall design can produce large patterns. Block Printed Carpet can also flow "to the" small "decomposition approach, especially in Printed Carpet handling, pavement construction of high-rise building indoor shop, will not have a full roll of heavy in Printed Carpet attract all sorts of trouble. Especially in modern buildings, a flat cable and a moving floor are introduced, so as long as one or several Printed Carpet s are lifted, the facilities under the floor can be exposed. Therefore, it is suitable for use in Banks, offices and computer rooms as well as in ships and airplanes. Also because the block Printed Carpet has certain resistance to water and humidity is also suitable for the ground floor or basement.