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The Triple Character Of Kids Mat

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

The triple character of Kids Mat
 Children pad with soft colors and strong texture, gives a quiet, comfortable feeling of quality of life. With a delicate soft light wool Kids Mat covered with the entire bedroom, children's mat and the wall fusion as a whole, making the space seems to be expanded, soft and comfortable bedroom let people relax, remove the hard work and tension. But also because of the advantages of Kids Mat, will be more and more people like. Love Kids Mat more to understand the Kids Mat, let us from the child pad implied triple "character" to understand the child pad.

    At present the children's mat has become a popular nowadays home "change the color" way. Children's mat is not only the best decoration on the ground, but also an indispensable part of the wall decoration, the small child pad hanging on the wall to enjoy, there will be a color effect, children's mat and wall integration as a whole, making space as if to expand , Soft and comfortable bedroom let people relax, remove the hard work and tension of the day. Home selection of the appropriate Kids Mat can also make some rendering and supplement for the home. For example, can not fully enjoy the sunshine of the room, you can use the texture of a particularly warm child pad to render; small room, you can use clear texture, soft gray or blue Kids Mat, so that can be reminiscent of the horizon of color, Let the room look more spacious.
    People move more places, the most vulnerable to pollution, so it should be put in the entrance of a small piece of child pads, the door to rub off the dust, can reduce the accumulation of dust and spread. If the living room is very spacious, you can choose heavy, wearable child pad. Slightly larger area of the shop under the sofa, the child pad and sofa combination, resulting in the overall uniform effect. If the living room area is small, should choose the child pad area slightly larger than the coffee table, you can also choose a round child pad.
    Wool child pad and silk child pad is the bedroom favorite. If you feel the room covered with a child pad a little extravagant, you can lay a child pad in bed, in bed large or no bedside cabinet case, bedside children should be placed on the side of the bed or bed on both sides The

    To know the price of children's mats, we must first understand the child mat material. Identification of children's mat material is not difficult, as long as the child from the mat model to remove a few velvet, lit after the burning situation and the smell, to identify. Here are some common children's mat to describe the material to distinguish common sense: pure wool burning without flame, smoke, blistering, smell, and so burned, with a finger gently on the broken; cotton flame burning, Fiber quickly crumpled, melted into a jelly, after cooling into a tough brown hard ball, easy to crush; polypropylene in the burning of a yellow flame, the fiber quickly crimping, melting, almost no ashes, after cooling into a hard lump ; Acrylic fiber burning relatively slow, bitter smell, ashes for the brittle black lumps. The above methods to understand, consumers can easily identify the type of children's mat material, to avoid being business 忽悠.
    How do people choose a good child pad? First of all, the most simple way to buy: that is, in the purchase of Kids Mats, with the thumb on the child pad, and then removed, if found to be pressed the piece will quickly restore the status quo, that the cashmere density And flexibility are better; then children's feet bent, the more difficult to see the mat, that the more dense wool, more durable. In addition to these should also pay attention to is the purchase of Kids Mats are provided by the plant dust, pollution, wear, static control and other authoritative information. Generally good home children pad, will be wear-resistant, anti-static, anti-fouling treatment.