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There Are Three Major Problems In The Quality Of Kids Mat

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

There are three major problems in the quality of Kids Mat

 As the material is soft, easy to carry, auxiliary exercise can prevent the baby injured, children's pad products in recent years by a lot of parents of all ages. However, the Consumer Association recently published children's pad comparison test results show that 20 batches of samples in 9 batches do not meet the standard requirements, there is a big security risk.

Children's pad manufacturers comb the above sampling and comparative test results found that the existence of children's quality problems are mainly concentrated in the use of information is not complete, poor mechanical and physical properties, such as excessive form of amide.

    1, Kids Mat use instructions missing or blurred

The use of instructions missing or blurred, consumers will choose, the use of goods and even after the maintenance of unnecessary trouble. The results of the comparative test published by the Nanjing Consumers' Association show that the 7-batch sample of children's standard samples, such as "simple combination", have the product standard, small part warning, age range, name of the manufacturer or distributor, The registration of the address and other information missing. Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee announced the results of the comparison test of infants and young children crawling mats also showed that the number of substandard samples there is a lack of national mandatory standards of "dangerous" "warning" "attention" and other security warnings or identification is not clear enough.

    2, Kids Mat mechanical and physical performance is poor

Mechanical and physical properties of poor, mainly as follows: the product can be removable or easy to fall off the small parts, may cause children suffocation, causing safety accidents; product packaging plastic bags average thickness of less than 0.038 mm, because the plastic film easy to adhere to Children nose and mouth, easy to cause the risk of suffocation. In addition, some products still have problems with ropes unqualified. Such as the Shanghai Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau issued the sampling results show that the Shanghai Union Supermarket Co., Ltd. Gongjiang shop sales by the United States Pacific Barbie (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd. produced a batch of "Fisher" mats, Long measured for 680 mm, inconsistent with the national standard (Note: standard requirements, made of air impermeable material bag opening circumference if more than 360mm, do not use cable or rope as a sealing way). If the pocket is a cable or rope as a sealing way, and the rope opening circumference and excessive, after the accidentally easy to trap the child's head, once the pocket tight can not be lifted, prone to suffocation risk. At the same time, the rope is too long easily wrapped in children's fingers or neck, but also prone to fingertip ischemic necrosis or asphyxia risk.

    3, children with a form of amide too serious

Children's pad of formamide exceeded the concern. According to Taizhou City, product quality supervision and inspection by Wang Wen introduced engineers, with reference to the Taiwan region "stitching plastic mat safety requirements", the mat in the mold limit is 2 mg / kg, while the first two years of Jiangsu Province to carry out the quality of children's pad Risk monitoring found that many unqualified creeping mat samples had a formamide content that exceeded the limit. "Formamide will cause harm to people's respiratory tract, skin and even the liver, as a substance with reproductive toxicity is included in the list of high-concern substances." Wang said that the evaporation of formamide is a slow and long-term process , Because the child will be in a relatively confined environment in the use of mats, and playing a long time, the mat slowly released in the mattress will be constantly through the respiratory tract and skin inhalation of the body, the child's injury is irreversible.