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Three Small Couples Make The Carpet Clean And Fresh As New

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Three small couples make the Carpet clean and fresh as new
Tufted Carpet always gives elegant, luxurious sense, but the tufted Carpet if not clean and clean, will directly affect the indoor environment. Here, the Carpet Xiaobian to share with you three clean tufted Carpet tips.
Method one: vacuum cleaner to dust
Tufted Carpet fluff is easy to fouling, vacuum cleaner is absolutely a good helmet to deal with tufted Carpet dust. First of all, you can first use a vertical vacuum cleaner to clean up a large area of tufted Carpets, dust; and then raised a hand-held vacuum cleaner, particularly serious place for ash, such as coffee table below, corner, bed edge to carefully handle, Let the tufted Carpet completely dust-free.
But use a vacuum cleaner to clean the tufted Carpet must be regularly cleaned to prevent the dust does not clean up for a long time, tufted Carpet surface will change color, deterioration.
Method two: dry cloth tissue paper to remove stains
If you spray on a tufted Carpet with a drink like coffee, cola or juice, you need to dry the cloth as soon as possible, or get the towel from you, and then take it immediately. Swipe on the stains, gently, carefully patted. So that the stains on the tufted Carpet can be easily removed.
Method 3: warm water + vinegar to remove the smell
In addition, you can also add some vinegar in warm water, and then soaked towel, wring dry and gently wipe the tufted Carpet. Vinegar can not only eliminate the smell on the tufted Carpet, but also to prevent the tufted Carpet discoloration or fading. After the wipe is finished, put the tufted Carpet in a ventilated place.
By using the above three small coup, you can easily and easily clean and maintenance Tuofeng Carpet, so that your Carpet bright as new, try it!
Wool Carpets can be used in all commercial buildings, but should be based on the specific circumstances of different places to use different types of wool Carpets, has reached the best results. New Zealand wool Carpet according to density, pile height, weight, etc. can be divided into three In the case of the same conditions, different grades of wool Carpets have different service life. Commercial places in the choice of wool Carpets can be based on the following important parameters to the following Make a choice.
The key to the interior design style is to think of color, pattern, organization, and composition as a balanced body, and each factor should be interrelated to achieve the overall effect of coordination. Carpet, especially the full floor of the Carpet as the fifth floor of the interior space "wall", the integrity of the entire interior plays a role can not be ignored. Wool Carpets as a ground decoration materials, in color, organization and design a wide range of designers to provide a broad choice of space. As the New Zealand wool pure white, can be dyed into any color, the organizational structure can also use the lapel and cashmere with each other to form a rich style changes, but also to adapt to a variety of different patterns and color design changes, therefore, New Zealand wool The Carpet is the most desirable choice for floor decoration materials.
Tufted Carpet color, the choice of patterns from the aesthetic point of view than the choice of tufted Carpet category is more important. Tufted Carpet as a floor decoration materials in the hotel engineering and renovation works and other such as the bathroom, furniture and other materials than the low cost, but the role is far more important than any one decoration.
Color is the reflection of light to reach the human eye and the feeling that the external material on the eyes of the retina. So the tufted Carpet color depends on the specific reflected light. Due to the difference in light, the choice of tufted Carpet color should be carried out under the same light in the pavement Carpet area.