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What Are The Precautions For Buying Kids Mat?

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

What are the precautions for buying Kids Mat?
First, the Kids Mat should meet the national mandatory standards
Indoor air quality is increasingly concerned by the international community and consumers. GB18587-2001 "Indoor decoration materials children's mats, children's mats and Kids Mat adhesive harmful substances release limit" is one of the mandatory standards promulgated by the state. Kids Mat as one of the interior decoration materials, in the production and processing, blanket coating and other manufacturing processes, the use of latex and a variety of compounds are inevitable in the product to retain some harmful substances, such as: formaldehyde, 4-phenylcyclohexene, etc., if the residual hazardous substances than the national standards of the indicators, in the laying of the use of indoor air will bring a certain degree of pollution, and affect human health. Consumers in the purchase of Kids Mat, you must understand whether the batch of products meet the national standards to protect the health of consumers themselves.
Second, look at the label:
QB2397-98 "Kids Mat label" is a mandatory industry standards for light industry. At present, the market sales of Kids Mat products are: tufted children's mats, woven Wilton Kids Mat, the mechanism of Kids Mat, acupuncture children's mats, hand-knotted wool Kids Mat, handmade children's mats, handmade tufted wool Children's mat, hand-knot silk Kids Mat. All kinds of Kids Mat products factory or sales, must be in accordance with the "Kids Mat label" standard requirements, the real marked: product name, product registration mark, children's blanket surface fiber name and content, children's mat pile thickness, children The quality of the product, the production of the product, the length of the product, the production date of the product, the length of the pile of the hand pad, and the number of velvet The name and address of the product, the special performance requirements of the product information (such as: children's mat product antistatic, flame retardant and insect-resistant) and so on. Through the labeling of the label, basically the quality of Kids Mat products have a general understanding of the level.
Third, the choice of Kids Mat products
1, Kids Mat varieties of choice:
A, tufted children's mats beautiful and durable, is a popular mid-range products.
B, woven children's mats gorgeous and comfortable, is the mechanism of Kids Mat in the high-end products.
C, acupuncture Kids Mat for the replacement cycle of frequent places, is a mechanism of children's low-end products in the pad.
D, hand-knotted wool children's mats, handmade tufted wool plastic back Kids Mats, hand-knot silk Kids Mat is a high-end indoor decorations.
2, the choice of Kids Mat size: Kids Mat size specifications should also be adapted to the function of the room. Usually bedroom furnishings are relatively simple, optional full of children pad. While the living room can choose high-grade wool fiber or nylon fiber woven blanket.
Fourth, the choice of children's mat quality
Children's mat product quality of the superior and inferior, mainly by the test data to determine, but also by some simple empirical selection method:
1, the mattress density of children's mats: the hand can touch the Kids Mat, the product of the pile of high quality, the density of the carpet surface on the full, such children's mat elastic good, trampled, wear-resistant, comfortable and durable. Remind consumers to choose to choose a long plush method to pick the Kids Mat, the surface looks like cashmere glare good-looking, but the pile density is loose, the villi is easy to lodging deformation, such children's feet are not stampede, easy to lose children Pad-specific performance, not durable.
2, color fastness: a variety of children's mats, soft texture, beautiful and generous. Select the Kids Mat, the hand or test cloth on the carpet surface repeated friction several times to see the hands or test cloth is sticky with color, such as sticky color, then the product's poor color fastness, resulting in Kids Mat In the laying of the use of prone to discoloration and fade, and affect the use of Kids Mat in the laying of the beautiful effect.