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What Color Is The Color Of The Living Room Carpet

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Jul 17, 2017

What color is the color of the living room Carpet

The colour of Carpet is many, and each color Carpet gives a person a kind of different connotation and feeling inside. Sitting room is one of the place of commonly used Carpet, sitting room Carpet it is main have vacuuming, adornment and so on. The Carpet in the sitting room is not only reflect Carpet, also reflect the adornment style of your room and your taste. Carpet color collocation is very exquisite, at the same time also pays attention to Carpet color choices, so let's chat together living room Carpet color and color selection techniques such as Carpet.

Sitting room Carpet color aspects we should not only see the is the color of the Carpet, at the same time we have to see it in with the effect of the room, collocation is proper, it will make your room the grade of the instantaneous is increased, on the other hand, in the yi. The color collocation of the living room Carpet should be according to the approximate color of color study collocation, single key match color, contrast color collocation, tonal match color is composed by several different color of the different color that the color of a few bright degrees is composed of these principles.

The choice of Carpet must be a contrast with the color of the ground, at the same time the metope color of our sitting room, furniture color, sofa color, curtain color photograph coordinate. When choosing Carpet color we also consistent with we decorate a style, decorate pastoral style we adopt is broken flower Carpet, Chinese style decorates a style we use black or golden Carpet, in that case, we can do a good adjustment, accord with our decorate a style, at the same time, more in line with our whole into an overall effect.

When collocation of the color collocation of sitting room Carpet, we want to remember the best color collocation table. Red with white, black, blue-gray, beige, grey, pink with purple, grey, dark green; Yellow with purple, blue, white, coffee, black; Coffee color with beige, goose yellow, brick red; Blue with white, powder blue, etc. These colors match up with very fashionable, fashionable collocation.

The effect of the Carpet on the tea table:

1. Warmth: the Carpet has the effect of blocking the ground. At the same time, it can also save the energy of indoor air conditioning;

2. Walking comfort: walking on the Carpet will make you feel more relaxed and less tired;

Sound absorption and sound insulation: the Carpet has a sound absorption effect compared to other ground materials, which can absorb telephone and other noises, and be quiet at home.

4, beautify the environment, due to the Carpet has a wealth of design and color, on indoor shop Carpet, the walls and furniture and other decorative equipment together, constitute a harmonious, coordination and comfortable design, can give a person a good state of mind;

5, security: walking on the Carpet, the child may easily fall down, and is usually rectangular glass tea table, and edge is sharp, spread on the Carpet to prevent a child fell into the injured on tea table;

6, dustproof effect: as a result of the Carpet Carpet surface for the dense pile structure, thus falling into the Carpet dust in the air for pile sticky, prevent runaway to the world, reduce the dust content in air.

A bad view of the tea table Carpet:

The population of the family is large, and old people, have small children again, suggest not to shop is good! Because waiting for Carpet is very troublesome! Clean up regularly. The Carpet is afraid to sprinkle water or juice, have small children to be unavoidable to be able to sprinkle on!

Then there is the home because the guests usually sit in the sitting room tea table, wear shoes on the Carpet, they will stain. Smoking is unavoidable, and sometimes soot may burn a hole in the Carpet. Guests can also spill water on the Carpet. In short, a word, the home population is much, the guest much, had better not spread Carpet! Just put it on, you look good! Don't be long, all these things come out, you are bored!

The other thing is that eating on the Carpet will fall on the Carpet, and it will be hidden in the fiber, and the health will not rot and rot, producing mites and bacteria. If feet touch not clean Carpet, still can cause fungus contagion.