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Why Should The Living Room Shop Kids Mat, What Role

QINGDAO IVY CARPET CO.,LTD | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Why should the living room shop Kids Mat, what role
Coffee shop under the shop has become a habit of living habits, then we are not there to understand the coffee table Why lay children's pad it? In the end coffee table under the children's child pad right? Here and Xiaobian together to find out about it
The role of children's coffee shop:
1, warmth: Kids Mat on the ground coolness has a barrier effect. But also can play a role in saving indoor air conditioning energy;
2, walking comfort: walking in the Kids Mat will make people feel comfortable leisurely, reduce fatigue;
3, sound and sound insulation: Kids Mat with other ground materials, compared with a good sound-absorbing effect, to absorb the phone and other noise, is home to become quiet;
4, beautify the environment: As the children's pad with a wealth of patterns and colors, indoor children with pad, and furniture walls and other decorative equipment together to form a harmonious, coordinated and comfortable patterns, can give a good attitude ;
5, security: walking in the Kids Mat, children are easy to wrestling, and coffee table are generally rectangular glass, and the corner is more sharp, covered with children's pads to prevent children fell to knock on the coffee table injured;
6, dust effect: As the child's mattress blanket for the dense structure of the pile, so falling into the air in the air pad of dust for the pile of sticky, to prevent the outside to fly away, reduce the dust in the air The
Coffee table shop children's poor view:
The family's population, and is the elderly, there are children, the proposal is not good for the shop! Because the child pad is very troublesome! Always clean up the dust. Kids Mat afraid of sprinkling water or fruit juice, etc., there are children will inevitably sprinkle up!
There is the home because the guests to the general will be in the living room cafes seated, wearing children's shoes pad, will step on the dirty. Smoking will inevitably fall on the soot, and sometimes soot may also have children to burn a hole. Guests drink water is also difficult to sprinkle Kids Mat. In short, a word, the family population, more guests, it is best not to shop Kids Mat! Just covered, you look is good! Did not last long, the above said a variety of situations out, you bored it!
There is a child in the pad to eat things fall in the child pad above, and will be hidden in the fiber, the health is not completely easily rotten deterioration, resulting in insect mites and bacteria. If the foot contact with the clean child pad, but also lead to fungal infection.
Choose a high quality child pad pad, child pad pad and antibacterial properties available. It is more expensive than other types of filling but can help prevent the growth of molds, especially when the climate tends to be high in humidity. If the home Persian Kids Mat wet with water, all home Persian Kids Mats must be open and immediately cleaned and dried. The floor should be completely dry. The use of dehumidifiers will help to control moisture in the air, and indoor humidity control is 30% to 60% acceptable. Areas where Kids Mats are not installed can receive frequent, high moisture. If a major flood occurs, or any longer period of time, the household pad of children may need to be replaced. When the home child pad needs to be cleaned, try using a dry cleaning if possible. If the water is used to clean the home of the child pad, make sure to dry thoroughly after cleaning.